How to See Jobs You Applied for on LinkedIn App || A Comprehensive Guide

LinkedIn App is now an important site for both people looking for jobs and companies hiring people. You can apply for a lot of jobs with just a few clicks, thanks to its simple design. You may wonder, “How can I see the jobs I’ve applied to?” or “Can anyone else see my applications?” after you’ve used it. We will answer these questions and more in this blog post to help you better handle your job applications on LinkedIn app. You can Read More Apps Related Blogs Here!

Linkedin App
LinkedIn App

Finding the jobs I’ve applied for on LinkedIn App can be challenging

It can take a lot of work to figure out how to use LinkedIn’s features, mainly if you’ve applied for many jobs. It’s easier than you think to keep track of your job applications, though.

Complete step-by-step instructions

Access your LinkedIn App profile.

Pick out the “Jobs” tab.

Find “Applied Jobs” on the left tab and click on it.

This is a list of all the jobs you’ve applied for, along with an update on each one.

I have used LinkedIn App to apply for several jobs, but with?

You are not the only one who has applied for a lot of jobs and needs help keeping track of them all. In LinkedIn’s “Applied Jobs” area, you can keep track of different job applications. It’s also important to keep track of the date you applied for jobs. Reach out our more Apps Here!

Advice on How to Handle Many Apps

Set priority: Record the job openings that interest you the most.

Make a List: Utilize electronic devices to help you remember to complete applications.

Does anyone have access to the jobs I’ve applied for on LinkedIn App?

One of the main worries of people looking for work is their safety. Why is this good news? LinkedIn App only lets you and the interviewers for the jobs you’ve applied for see your job applications. LinkedIn respects its users’ privacy and makes sure that your work search stays private.

How to Make Privacy Better Changes to Privacy: 

Check out and change the private settings on LinkedIn.

Go into private : You can hide what you’re doing on LinkedIn App by browsing in private .

Tips for Keeping Track of Your Job Application On

It’s essential to stay prepared while you’re looking for a job. On LinkedIn, you can use the “Applied Jobs” area, but you can also:

Spread it out.

Make a simple Google or Excel sheet to keep track of the jobs you’ve applied for, the dates of your follow-ups, and the replies you’ve gotten.

Use the tools on LinkedIn App.

For example, “Save job” and “Job alerts” can help you keep an eye on the jobs that interest you.

Make a calendar reminder.

Set up follow-ups, interviews, and other essential times on your digital calendar.

In the end


Not only is LinkedIn a site for professionals to connect with each other, but it’s also a powerful tool for handling job applications. Your job search will go much more smoothly now that you know how to see the jobs you’ve applied for on LinkedIn App, run multiple applications, and protect your privacy.


How do I get to the “Applied Jobs” area on LinkedIn?

Visit your LinkedIn profile and click the “Jobs” tab in the top bar. “Applied Jobs” is on the left sidebar once you’re in the “Jobs” area.

What is the date I registered for a job on LinkedIn?

In the “Applied Jobs” section, it will show you when you applied for each job, which will help you better handle your follow-ups.

What does “In Review” mean when it says next to my application?

“In Review” means that the hiring team has gotten your application and is now thinking about it.

Q4: Can companies I apply to see what I do on LinkedIn?

No, only you and the managers for the jobs you’ve applied for can see your job search and application activity on LinkedIn.

How can I make it more likely that employers will notice me?

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is complete by adding a professional photo, an interesting summary, and detailed information about your work history. When applying for a job, send a personalized note.

Q6: Can I take back a job application I sent through LinkedIn?

You can cancel your application for some jobs but not others. If the choice is there, it will be in the “Applied Jobs” section below the job listing.

How can I keep track of all the job applications I’m sending out?

To keep track of your applications, follow-ups, and interviews, use LinkedIn’s “Applied Jobs” tool or a spreadsheet or digital calendar.

Can people in my network see the jobs I’ve applied for?

The answer is no; your job applications will remain private, and your LinkedIn connections will not be able to see them.

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